Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not My Will But Thine (as long as it is what I want)

This seems to be the prayer of many Christians today. We enjoy throwing around the Christian card and saying that we want God's will to be done in our lives and society but what we really want is our will with God's blessing. I have been praying for over four years that God will send my family to the mission field, namely Ireland. It is what I want and desire so that must mean that God wants that for me too, right?

Wrong, we all have our wants and desires, but God's plan for us is so much better than our own. David wanted to build the temple in Jerusalem, but God in His wisdom, knew that David's son was the one that He wanted to build the temple. Jonah didn't want to go to Nenivah, but God's plan was for Him to speak to that city so that they may be saved.

We see in the Bible when there is conflict between God's way and man's way, God's way prevails. Yes, there are times when people mess up, Abraham and Sarah are a prime example. Instead of waiting on God's timing they jump ahead and the negative result continues today. We too tend to jump ahead of God. We want things when we want them and do not want to wait.

We live in a now culture. If I want something I go and get it. I can't afford it, I charge it and pay for it later. If I can't find it in my hometown I go online where I can find anything and order it, next day delivery. With the now culture, it is not just worldly items that we want now. We want a new job, a better relationship, smarter children, and a closer group of friends. We want them now and we will do whatever it takes to push that through. Despite the costs to those relationships or others.

Sometimes God wants us to slow down and really think about what He wants for us. Do we really need play dates for our 3 month old three times a week? Does our two year old need to be enrolled in soccer, dance, karate and preschool? Do I really need to meet the girls every week for a shopping trip and lunch? Do I need to spend every lunch break at work searching the internet for a new and better job?

With all the technology that we have today we are always busy, always on the go, have our lives planned out to the minute detail. When do we take a breath and wait on the Lord? When do we take a step back and listen to what He would have us to do?

As moms, wives, friends, sisters, and daughters we need to make sure that we are taking time out to listen to God and to wait for His direction. Do we really need 3 dozen friends and four playgroups? Are we really spending quality time with our children? Putting down the technology and listening to what they want and need from us? Are we waiting for God to tell us where He would have us go?

Or are we jumping ahead and saying if God doesn't close the door it must be okay? Take time this week to reevaluate your relationships, time and faith and see if you are in God's will or just moving forward aimlessly because you feel like you need to fill all your time with stuff. It isn't just material things that can get in between us and our relationship with God and others. Sometimes it is our need to fill our time with non-essentials and not with the only essential, God.

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