Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working it all out

This week has been a week of ups and downs. After getting on the wii scale and still not losing a pound earlier in the week, I was bummed out, however, when I went shopping Friday night at Kohls, and not only fit into a size 12 bluejean, but it was not a tight fit. I was so excited a did a little dance in the dressing room and jumped up and down. I might have even squealed, but I am not sure.
There is two things that are a low-carbers' worst nightmare: 1) Birthdays and 2) Weddings. I had both this weekend... So I ate a little piece of chocolate chip cookie cake and one cup cake at the wedding. Will it ruin my diet, no. This is part of it being a lifestyle and not a fad-diet. I can still work carbs in and not feel guilty. It will happen, the key is to not let it spiral out of control.
Also, I reached several milestones this week in exercising. I walked over five miles Thursday on the treadmill and rode over 7 miles on the bike. I was so into it, while watching Paula and Rachel on the Food Network that I had to literally make myself stop. Exercising is so addictive. Saturday morning I had another momentous break thru when I ran half a mile without stopping. I know that is not much, but for me it is a small mountain. Also, the boys were home this morning and I was still able to go out and hit the Fitness Center at SEBTS.
So to summarize this week... There is always a time to eat cake, just make sure you burn the calories on the treadmill to cover the indulgence and when you think all that hard work isn't paying off, go shopping.
I want to wish my cousin Ryan and his new bride Christian a happy marriage, it was a beautiful ceremony.

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