Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long time no see

The title of this posts has many meanings. As I come upon my 31st birthday, my original goal, I am disappointed since the last time I posted I have only lost a couple of pounds. I have been working hard exercising and I am losing inches but the weight refuses to drop. I am at the end of my rope or treadmill.
I have officially dropped below 170lbs, I am now at 169lbs. But that is far from my goal of 145. I am asking you, those few who may come by here and read this, what can I do to lose those last 20lbs?
I exercise for 80 minutes every morning, eat healthy low-carb meals. My vices are diet sodas and an occational dessert. Life has to have some pleasures.
If you are reading this, give me your best advice, please for losing those last pounds and my problem area, belly fat. I officially don't know what to do.
Accomplishments since last posts, I am now in a a size 10 pants and medium tops, I haven't been this size since high school. I ran 2.75 miles yesterday on treadmill on the way to my goal of 3 miles.
I have learned many things over the past 10 months that I have been on my weight loss journey, I guess that your goals and your body's goals aren't always the same, but through everything, I want God to be glorified. I wouldn't have lost one pound without His strength, I couldn't have ran one step without Him. He is my fortress and my Rock, my Deliverer.


Rachel said...

I can try to help. When you can not lose any weight it is considered a plateau. I found a site that has a few reasons why you may have reached a plateau. They may or may not apply to you.
1.Doing the same workouts over and over
2.Not eating enough calories
Here's the site: http://exercise.about.com/od/weightloss/ss/notlosingweight_9.htm

Stress is another reason why people can not lose that extra belly fat (especially me).

Then again, you may not need to lose the extra pounds, remember if you are doing a lot of workouts and stuff you are building muscle - and it weighs more than fat! I wouldn't worry too much if you are still losing inches. I hope some of this has helped! Have a great day.
Stephanie Breedlove

Patti said...

You are doing great little sister. I was going to say try switching up you exercise routine. Try a Power Yoga or pilates class/dvd. Do some interval training - treadmill sprints for 2 minutes with squats/pushups etc in between sprints. I know what you mean about plateaus. I have been on one for over a year now. Just don't get discouraged like I did and gain 10 lbs back.

Parkison Family said...

So proud of you Pam! I was going to tell you something I learned back in the skinny work out days of my life. :)

Most of the time I actually had to start eating more calories... but good calories to kick the metabolism back into gear.